I liked the fact that Tech Games began with “Discover 7 1/2 Habits of Lifelong Learning.” Truly, to work in the Library and Information field one must embrace continuing education and lifelong learning. The “habit” that I find most intriguing is that we should collaborate and teach each other. The most challenging part of all the exercises for me was setting up the blog initially. I didn’t find WordPress to be very intuitive. Okay, I admit it, I resorted to WordPress for Dummies. It was very helpful for inserting images into my posts. As a new employee,  I appreciated the scanning and faxing introduction for the Ricoh. I also used a different software for email in my previous job, so the global address introduction was helpful too. I’ve used Facebook for years, but I was pushed to set up a Twitter account. Now, I finally have something in common with the Pope! For me the most important benefits of the games have been feeling more confident about exploring technology I wouldn’t ordinarily use and discovering the many learning and training opportunities Fairfax County provides for their employees.


I was able to experience a live meeting (finishing the second part of Week 3) as the Assistant Branch Manager invited me to join him in one this week. He introduced me to the web cam with sound/voice capability. I also experienced examples of how to manipulate the content features, such as presenting live text and web pages. Our Youth Services Manager participated in a live meeting with colleagues at other branches this week, so it was nice to see this in reality as well as an exercise.  Finishing remaining tasks (from Week 6), I scanned documents to email and faxed documents on the Ricoh.

Standford Kay painting

Standford Kay painting

     I’ve been jumping around the different exercises, working on some at work as time allows, and saving some others for home. Week 3  Outlook Global Address and Live Meeting I appreciated the review of the Outlook Global Address Information, since I was using Groupwise with my previous library position in a local school district. I missed the invitation to the Live Meeting, but a colleague has agreed to set up a meeting with me soon and try out the web cam. Week 4 Online Video Streaming  I accessed Channel 16 through fairfaxNet and watched the Coco Chanel book summary on Check It Out. I’ve used YouTube for a few years for music, entertainment, news, and for educational videos as a part of my graduate program at CUA. I have watched videos for the Virginia Room and Access Services. The Access Services video led me to a state agency for the visually impaired. I was able to put a friend in need in touch with their services. Week 5  Social Media I’ve been on FaceBook since 2009 and besides keeping up with friends and family, I find it useful for looking at the creative output of others, and as a learning tool relating to nonprofits, politics, etc. I set up a Twitter account and look forward to following some of my favorite non-profit groups. I opened an account on Newsblur and was able to enter an RSS feed for the url. Week 6  Evanced Reservations  I routinely use Evanced at the Information Desk and am participating in more training with our Branch Manager. Since I am new to the FCPL, I will be learning how to scan to email and fax documents on the Ricoh this week. Week 7  Ebooks  I went to the ebook and e-audio book training at Tech Ops and have practiced with the Assistant Branch Manager. I have checked out the branch Kindle, Nook, and ipad for practice at home and have found that has made answering patron questions much easier and has increased my confidence level. The ebook training should be very busy after the holidays! Week 8 Dell E-Learning  I heard about the Dell E-Learning courses at my IT Security Orientation and went in this morning and set up a login and viewed the long list of ecourses available. There are numerous ones I plan to take advantage of. I am impressed with the amount of training opportunities that Fairfax County makes available to their work force. Week 9 Interesting Websites and Apps I spent some time looking at Shelfari, Goodreads, and Earlyword. I would like to create a display for the new year on memoirs and Earlyword and Goodreads had a few examples with reviews. I read about the Mango app, which I have told my daughter about (minoring in French) and also looked at ibooks by Apple. I found the customer reviews informative for what they feel is still missing, such as highlighting.

Thing 1 and Thing 2

A fun Halloween was had by the granddog rescues from Richmond. My daughter volunteers at a wonderful animal shelter there and adopted this Dr. Suess loving pair. The River City is also known by RVA or, according to the September issue of Outside Magazine,The Best River Town in America for 2012! It’s been twenty years since I last lived there, but I hope to reside there again one day. It’s a town full of history, the arts, recreation, amazing restaurants, and great people. I’m a VCU alumnus and there is still a big part of my heart in the River City.