I liked the fact that Tech Games began with “Discover 7 1/2 Habits of Lifelong Learning.” Truly, to work in the Library and Information field one must embrace continuing education and lifelong learning. The “habit” that I find most intriguing is that we should collaborate and teach each other. The most challenging part of all the exercises for me was setting up the blog initially. I didn’t find WordPress to be very intuitive. Okay, I admit it, I resorted to WordPress for Dummies. It was very helpful for inserting images into my posts. As a new employee,  I appreciated the scanning and faxing introduction for the Ricoh. I also used a different software for email in my previous job, so the global address introduction was helpful too. I’ve used Facebook for years, but I was pushed to set up a Twitter account. Now, I finally have something in common with the Pope! For me the most important benefits of the games have been feeling more confident about exploring technology I wouldn’t ordinarily use and discovering the many learning and training opportunities Fairfax County provides for their employees.